02 August 2009

ICJS Wakai Project Youth Conference: Youth Work in Contemporary Japan I've had a busy summer in 2009, I thought my blog might be a good forum to discuss some events I attended as it relates to the focus of this blog. The big event in June was attending and presenting at my second conference on my Master's thesis research topic, hikikomori. (My thesis is now available via the Proquest service as a downloadable pdf. You can find more details in a earlier post on the subject here. If you are attending a university, your institution should have a subscription to the Proquest service and you can get free access that way.) The first conference was the 2008 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting (ASA) in Boston last summer in which I discuss and provide a free link to my paper as a PDF here. Actually the 2009 ASA Conference is being held in San Francisco August 8-11th. As much as I'd like to go this year as well, I've been pretty busy preparing for my dissertation research which starts in September, so I'll have to pass. I was in Tokyo from June 25th to the 30th to present at Temple University's ICJS Wakai Project Youth Conference: Youth Work in Contemporary Japan. This is the third year the Temple University campus in Japan has held a Wakai Project Youth Conference. Last year the theme was youth and digital content this year its youth and work, which is my area of research interest, so I went ahead and applied to present. A PDF of all the presentation abstracts...

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